MRATHS January 2020 meeting

Join us on Wednesday 15th January at 7pm for another insightful MRATHS meeting with Professor Simon Watts.

The development of post-war ASV radars in the UK for the RAF will be presented, covering ASV Mk. 7A in the Lancaster GR.3, ASV 13 and ASV 21 in the Shackleton MR aircraft and ASV 21D and Searchwater in the Nimrod MR1 and MR2, respectively.

The design and operation of the radars will be explained, together with the performance they achieved. All of the radars described would have been developed in Malvern or much influenced by TRE/RRE.

This meeting is free to attend and will be taking place in the Lewis Lecture Theatre here at Malvern College (Science Centre, Malvern College, College Road, Malvern WR14 3DF) at 7pm.